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Improvement of wrinkles / elasticity / dents

Natural volume of collagen formed by itself

Non-surgical method

Natural volume by collagen

Effects sustained for 2 years

Wrinkles, Elasticity, and Dents

FDA-approved product

This injection is a new type of injection after which enhanced level of collagen re-forms its volume by itself to fill in depressed parts and removes wrinkles by providing elasticity.

What is Sculptra?

Scupltra with PLLA (Polly-L-Lactic-Acid) as its ingredient is a collagen accelerator which, unlike existing filler or Botox, works as an accelerator to generate new collagen and tissue/without creating external material in the body. As a new concept collagen generating accelerator that helps skin to gain elasticity and improve wrinkle, it is an advanced filler procedure that presents a new paradigm to men and women in from their 30s to their 60s who want to naturally improve their wrinkle. It can be applied to/the whole frontal wrinkle, and with facial volume gradually reviving, one can expect the effect of lifting, elasticity improvement, and energetic and young overall facial impression.

We recommend this to

  • Those who want to slow down the aging speed and appear with an energetic image.
  • Those who want to correct the nose perioral fold and overall facial wrinkle.
  • Those who want to fill the hollow part of the cheek, pimple, and lower jaw.
  • Those who want a natural yet eye catching result.
  • Those who want a long -lasting treatment effect.

The principle of process is…

It is applicable to overall facial wrinkles and gradual revival of facial volume is expected to lift the face, improve elasticity, and make the overall impression livelier and younger. Syringe injection of Sculptra into nasolabial folds, depressed parts under cheekbone, or depressed parts on the cheek will gradually fill up collagen such that depressed parts are supplemented with volumes after about a month.

How can you maintain after procedure?

  • After sculptra treatment, massage so that the drug can be absorbed well into skin. It is recommended to do light massage by rubbing in circles with finger tips for 5 minutes 5 times a day for 5 days after treatment. However, absolutely avoid meridian massage that excessively rubs theย  surgical area.
  • You should avoid sauna at a high temperature and exercise for 1 week.

Questions & Answers

How long has sculptra been used?

Sculptra has been used as a wrinkle enhancer in Europe since 1999.

What is the effective number of treatment?

For a full effect, average 3 times of treatment with 4-6 week interval are necessary.

Is the effect of sculptra immediate?

Due to swelling by sculptra and diluted water after the first treatment, it may look as if sculptra works immediately, but as swelling calms down within several days and water is absorbed in the body, it may look like before treatment. It takes some time for sculptra to show a natural effect. The effect will be noticeable almost in 4 weeks.