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Pore Tightening / Acne Blemish Removal / Freckles Removal

FRAXEL DUAL LASER – Experience the regeneration of depressed scars

Pigment freckle



Wrinkles elasticity

Fraxel dual for simultaneous treatment of scars, pores, and pigments

What is Fraxel Dual?

It is a laser approved by FDA which brings you more lively skin with brighter tone and more smooth texture right after treatment. Penetration of fine laser pillars rapidly treats the surface of the skin and pigments damaged by aging and sunlight with wavelength of 1550nm and 1927nm.

We recommend this treatment to these people:

  • People with pigmentary disorders such as freckles, blemish, and age spots
  • People with scars from pimples or surgeries
  • People with wrinkles
  • People who want smooth skin texture
  • People with skins with no elasticity

How should you take care of yourself after treatment?

  • Light face washing and showering are allowed from the day after treatment.
  • It is good to avoid heavy exercises, alcohol, and sauna during the period when skin is reddish.
  • We suggest you put on light makeup the day after treatment.
  • You should put on skin regeneration serum and moisturizing products on the part that received the treatment.
  • Skin regeneration serum should be put on before makeup.
  • Sunscreen with SPF higher than 30 must be put on to prevent pigmentation.
  • For skin that is sensitive after treatment, you should carry your sunblock with you everywhere and continuously put it on.
  • For 2 weeks after treatment, alcoholic drinks, aspirin, and medicines that interfere with blood coagulation should not be taken.
  • You should allow dead skin cells to go away naturally rather than force it to be taken off or remove it by using scrub.

Questions & Answers

How many treatments should I receive for scars from pimples?

Since different people have scars with different shapes, depths, and sizes, and differ in the level they want to improve, number of treatments can be different for each individual. In general, more treatments correlate with higher therapeutic effects and sessions are designed to be two to six times with a few weeks of intervals between sessions depending on the status of the skin and the outcome that the patient wants. If it is the first time you receive laser treatment, one good way would be to check the changes in skin after one treatment first and decide on additional treatments. Treatment schedule is recommended to have 4 to 6 weeks of interval in between to allow the skin tissue to form new collagen and elastin upon treatment.

Does Fraxel Dual hurt?

When previous fraxel developed into 2nd generation Xena, the pain was reduced by more than half, and the 3rd generation Dual also has significantly reduced pains brought about by treatment. Reactions to pains are different in different people but in general, the pain that one would feel upon Fraxel Dual treatment is comparable to the pricking feeling that one would have upon putting on anesthetizing ointment, so it will not hurt too much.

Is Fraxel Dual treatment safe?

Basically, every laser treatment entails some risks for side effects. However, we could guarantee that evolution of Fraxel throughout the history of past 10 years already proved its safety. Treatments have been ongoing without side effects through diverse experiences that have already been proven, hidden knowhows, capability to look into skins, and development of various measures for post-treatment period, so you donโ€™t need to worry about the safety issue.