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Improvement of folds/wrinkles

Very broadly applicable procedure, ranging from facial contour line, forehead wrinkles, nasolabial folds, dropping eyebrow

Non-surgical method

Nasolabial folds wrinkles

Rejuvenation whitening effect

Removal of skin troubles

Short recovery period

Thread lifting is a very broadly applicable procedure, ranging from facial contour line, forehead wrinkles, nasolabial folds, dropping eyebrow, outer corner of eyes to cheek meat and lower jaw.

What is thread lifting?

Thread lifting is a method an absorbable thread called PDO (polydioxanone) that was officially approved from FDA, to facial parts accurately and finely, which functions for lifting effect and also activates and promotes collagen in dermal layer of the skin. You could experience overall slim line formation, tightening of the skin, and clean skin through this treatment. Despite of immediate effect after treatment, you could have a bruise or swelling. In general, the effect last about 6 months to 2 years.

We recommend this treatment to these people:

  • With lazy jaw-lines and severe falling cheeks
  • Worrying about deep nasolabial folds
  • Having delayed lifting treatment due to worrying about scar
  • Hoping to have a long lasting effect with one treatment
  • Hoping to have a short treatment for lifting treatment

Characteristics of thread lifting

The skin tissues are pulled up to lift the sagging skin using the hook on thread. Since it uphold the entire skin, it looks more natural and has no sign of thread embedded under the skin. Collagen is formed around the inserted thread, so tight skin can be maintained.

How should you take care of yourself after treatment?

  • You may have a bruise, swelling, and oppressive pain for about a week after treatment.
  • Lie down with the face up, not toward the side for a sleep.
  • Avoid actions using facial muscles like yawning or laughing out loud within three weeks from treatment.
  • If you take anticoagulant and aspirin, please consult with the doctor before treatment.
  • You can wash your face and do makeup from the next day, and you can go to a sauna 2 weeks after treatment.

Questions & Answers

Isnโ€™t it risky to insert thread into the skin?

It is safe because the thread used for thread lifting is thread that used to be used for heart valve surgery, has no induction of foreign body reaction, and is melted in a few weeks.

How is thread inserted?

A thread as thin as a hair is inserted. With thread hanging on a fine needle, once needle goes into the skin and comes out, thread is fixed in the skin. Many people are scared because there would be many stinging with needle. However, the needle is very thin, so the pain is not as hard as one could imagine. (Of course, there are 2nd, 3rd, and 4th generation threads with a thick needle, but only a few of these threads are used

How many types of threads?

Along with development of thread lifting, there have been multiple types of threads developed to date, including 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th/generation threads. The 1st generation thread is like a straight line thread, and the 2nd generation thread has curved in a tornado shape. The 3rd generation thread has a protrusion on thread, and the/4th generation thread has a knot on thread. 2nd, 3rd, and 4thgeneration/threads have been developed to improve lifting functions of thread.