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Works on skin for resiliency, whitening and regeneration in addition to moisturization.

Option 1. Premium Aqua Lifting



Water-oil balance


Vital Injector 2, an upgraded version of Dermashine, works on skin for resiliency, whitening and regeneration in addition to moisturization from the existing aqua lifting.

What is Premium Aqua Lifting?

Hyaluronic acid helps skin moisturizing and cell regeneration in human body. This treatment combines Hyaluronic acid and PRF (growth factor) and injects into skin dermis to develop clear and healthy skin texture while offering skin moistened from inside.

What is Premium Aqua Lifting procedure?

Step 1. Cleansing
Step 2. Anesthetic cream/disinfection
Step 3. Blood collecting
Step 4. Blood separation
Step 5. Mix of Hyaluronic acid and PRF
Step 6. Use Vital Injector (9pin โ€“ 5pin) for accurate and safe treatment
Step 7. Soothing from stem cell mask pack

We recommend this treatment to these people:

  • Troubled by worsening dry skin
  • Troubled by flaky and rough skin texture
  • For improved skin tone
  • For clear and resilient skin
  • For anti-skin aging

Option 2. Hydro Dermal-Toxin



Pore tightening

Fine wrinkles

Hyaluronic Acid (Cross-linking )3 CC + Allergan Botox

What is Hydro Dermal-Toxin?

This treatment combines Aqua Lifting and Dermal-Toxin. It sprays Hyaluronic acid (cross-linking 3cc) onto a face for added moisturization and applies an injection of the pore-improving and face-lifting skin Botox tailored to oneโ€™s face.

Difference of skin Botox vs. regular Botox

Skin Botox

  • Apply injection thinly across skin layers
  • Facial resiliency and lifting
  • Pore tightening and fine wrinkle improvement

Regular Botox

  • Inject directly into muscles
  • Topical muscle volume reduction
  • Wrinkle improvement and prevention

It is recommended for these people:

  • For improved skin condition
  • For improved skin tone
  • Stressed by fine wrinkles
  • For clear and resilient skin
  • For anti-skin aging

How should you take care of yourself after treatment?

  • Slight flushing, swelling and hot flush may be experienced on the day of treatment.
  • It is recommended to stay away from smoking, drinking, facial meridian, sauna and swimming as they may cause infection in treatment area.
  • Slight bruise or rough nasal skin may be experienced, which will disappear within a couple of days.
  • Extra care should be taken for skin moisturization to avoid dryness for one week after treatment. Moisturizing is fundamental for skin regeneration and collagen and elastin reconstruction and it speeds up a recovery of skin barrier.

NOTE:ย Some ingredients in regular cosmetics may disturb moisturization and regeneration. It is recommended to avoid regular cosmetics for a little while after skin treatment and use special cosmetics like EGF, stem cell growth factor and PRF to prevent side effects and help a fast recovery.

Questions & Answers

How long does the treatment take?

It takes 30 minutes for anesthetic cream, 30 minutes for treatment and 20 minutes for finishing mask.

How will the treatment affect skin?

Embossed marks may remain right after treatment for some faces. Also, it can come with face flushing, swelling and hot flush for one or two days. However, face wash, makeup and outing are all allowed right after treatment.

How often do I need the treatment?

It will last for longer than one year with taking the treatment once a month totaling three times.

Is it painful?

Anesthetic cream is applied prior to the treatment. This cream anesthetizes on skin surfaces to a degree of feeling slightly soring with needle penetration and everyone will be able to take the treatment with ease and pain-free.