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Brightening Skin

Picolite, Scarlet S, Clear & Brilliant


PICOLITE is a 5th-generation Picosecond Nd: YAG laser that can uniformly and stably irradiate the shortest wavelength of PICO LASER, 300ps, and treat lesions with a peak power of 1.7Gigawatt with minimal side effects

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Scarlet S

A single procedure brings you a miraculous result to diminish spots and pores, improve wrinkles.

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Clear + Brilliant Laser penetrates into skin layers and maximizes the absorption of medication. This laser technology cares with a special focus on improving skin tone.

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BBL is a functionally upgraded version of IPL, which is known as a useful treatment to help removal of pigments. BBL regenerates your skin as an overall
healthy and clean one by effectively treating pigments deeply rotted inside dermis that is hard to penetrate with pre-existing IPL and recovering the elasticity of the skin.

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