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Dermio Care® Young skin that returns without surgerySkin regeneration, moisturizing and soothing effectPromote cell divisionImprovement of bacteria, inflammation and fungusPurify blood, relieve inflammation of blood vesselsAntioxidant, anti-aging effect

Unique Dermionology® with the miracle cover

Dermio Care® Facial

The patented Dermio Care® Facial treatment works through ionized oxygen (negative ions), which hits the user’s face and respiratory organs under a protective helmet/cover. The term Dermionology® stands for dermis = skin and ion = electrical particle. The treatment is not only relaxing, but also effective.

Regardless of whether as a single application or a cure, to optimize facial care – for example during a mask break – or as an additional treatment during a full body application: Your users will benefit from the high-quality negative ions in any case. Let them experience the wonder cover of Weyergans High Care® Cosmetics and let yourself be convinced by the unmatched technology.

Humans are naturally positively charged. By breathing, we take in the necessary negatively charged electrons through air. With the advance of years, our lungs supply less and less of the oxygen needed by our bodies. When distributing oxygen, our organism provides energy to vital organs first: heart, spleen, liver, etc., and more often than not, there is no oxygen left for the skin. The shortage of energy slows down cell division and skin regeneration which results in skin ageing.

DermioCare, developed by the German company Weyergans uses the principles of quantum theory to assist oxygen saturation, provide energy to the skin by speeding up cell division and regeneration. Collagen synthesis is stimulated resulting in the production of more connective tissue which in turn gives skin a firmer appearance. Face, neck and décolletage skin greatly improves its appearance and radiance.

DermioCare is recommended for problem skin and sensitive skin, for allergies, neurodermatitis, couperosis, rosacea, tired and saggy skin and loss of elasticity.

The results from the procedure will not only be seen, but felt. After only 30 minutes you will experience nourished, fresh skin.

It is recommended for

  • Suitable for both sensitive and dry skin.
  • Those who need improvement of bacteria, inflammation, and fungus
  • Soothes troubles, acne, atopy, etc.
  • It helps to improve blood health with rhinitis and asthma.
  • Stabilizes allergic skin.
  • Soothes acne-prone skin caused by inflammation.
  • Free radicals are released and skin aging is prevented.
  • It is good for reddened skin and skin with a lot of blemishes.
  • After laser treatment, it is good for stabilizing hot skin.

Frequently asked questions about Dermio Care® Facial

It is difficult to expect a large therapeutic effect with just one treatment. You can feel the effect when you take it for about 5 weeks or more, 1-3 times a week.

A high concentration of negative ions is generated through the top head, so there is no pain at all, and there are no special side effects.

The Dermio Care® Facial provides a soothing relief from stress. When energy is delivered to the brain, you may feel calm and maybe even tired. However, it will have a positive effect on the skin and the brain will also be activated by supplying energy with the reverse procedure.