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Treat your facial flushing, rosacea and hair removal from underarm to bikini line.

Hair Removal / Vascular

Vascular laser

Vascular lesion


Fast recovery

What is vascular laser?

It shows outstanding effects in treating vascular lesion since it becomes actives selectively on blood vessel and destroy it by emitting high output energy for very short time.
Since the energy is confined on blood and blood vessel walls and surrounding tissues are not damaged if high output energy is radiated on target tissue for short period of time, the upper skin and the surrounding normal tissue the laser is passing through are not affected; therefore, there leaves no scar and causes less side effect.

It is recommended for these people:

  • The person with the skin showing red capillary vessel due to hemorrhagic telangiectasia
  • The person who hesitates to go outside due to a port-wine mark, a strawberry mark, and a congenital port-wine hemangioma
  • The person who is worried due to red nose

How can you maintain after procedure?

In the ordinary cases, if blood vessel is destroyed, you may get bruise rather than scab.
Since the bruise, as time goes by, will be absorbed naturally, you just need to watch it.

In case that scab is rarely created, it will generally come off in 7 ~10 days.
In case you get scab, if you leave it until it comes off by itself without forcing to take it off, you will get less scar after procedure. When you have burning feeling right after treatment, to take light cold pack with ice may help, and light washing or make-up is possible after procedure. Until two weeks after the treatment, you should avoid drinking alcohol, aspirin, or other medicines disturbing blood coagulation, and you had better abstain from excessive exercise.


What is laser waxing?

There are several ways to eliminate hair, but most of them yield temporary effects. Therefore, Waxing by laser is recently used to eliminate hair on unwanted area permanently. It decomposes hair follicle by supplying sufficient energy to hair follicle.

Waxing by body area

  • Armpit: As an area women want to wax preferentially, since it is not exposed to sunshine, it will result in good treatment effect. Treatments are made about 5 times every six weeks, and each procedure takes about 10 minutes.
  • Mustache: Although all women are not like that, mustache is quite often treated.
    Since it generally tends to show less effect on both ends of the mustache, accurate diagnosis and consultation is required before treatment. A procedure takes 5 minutes, which is the shortest.
  • Arm, leg: In case of women, the areas next to armpit and mustache which they want to wax are arm and leg. Since suntan may reduce the effect of treatment or increase the probability of side effects, suntan before waxing is prohibited. Since area is wide, one procedure takes about 30 minutes, which is the longest.
  • Face: Because of excessively many fine-hair causing inconvenience to make-up in case of women and beard growing widely in case of men, they often want to wax. Since appropriate treatment according to the thickness and color of hair is required, examination and consultation before treatment is necessary on this area.
  • Bikini line: This is the area which women who are trying to wear bikini for summer often want to wax. Since the skin in this area is sensitive compared with other areas, delicate treatment is required. This area is the one mostly treated in the West.

How can you maintain after procedure?

  • You may have reddish color, swelling, itching, or burning, but they will go away in 2~3 days.
  • On the day of waxing, light shower is possible, but rubbing the treatment area and using sauna or spa should be avoided.
  • During about two weeks after treatment, excessive sunshine needs to be avoided, and UV sunblock over SPF 30 needs to be used.
  • If you scratch because of itching, you may get pigmentation due to inflammation. In case of severe itching, you may take an anti-histaminic.
  • Hair damaged by laser is taken off by itself, but you may remove the hair by rubbing like shaking smoothly with dry towel.