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Exosome, Latest Anti-Aging TreatmentsImprove Skin ConcernsImprove Reduced ElasticityImprove Dull Skin ToneImprove Wrinkles & CreasesImprove Loss of Volume

Exosome skin treatment has been earning a stature to evolve as a great procedure for skin rejuvenation.

What Are Exosomes??

Exosomes are at the forefront of the movement toward using our own cells to calm inflammation, reduce pain, recover after an injury, and increase our ability to heal in general. Dr. Tess Mauricio, a Stanford-educated, board-certified dermatologist, offers regenerative therapy in her practice and even treated her personal trainer after he suffered a knee injury. Intrigued? Read on.

If youโ€™re familiar with stem cell therapy, then you know that stem cells have an unparalleled ability to be cultivated and grown into specific types of cells. They also have another function โ€“ they secrete exosomes. As Dr. Tess so aptly described them in her recent interview with the Beautytap Talks team, โ€œExosomes act like intracellular mail.โ€ They deliver RNA, DNA, and proteins to other cells in the body.

According to researchers, mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) โ€œare the most extensively clinically trialed cells with an established record of safety in human patients and are currently approved for use in highly intractable inflammatory disorders.โ€ Research has shown that topical MSC exosome application reduces the inflammation of psoriasis without causing the adverse effects associated with most oral medications.

It is recommended

The Exosome injection is recommended for people who have the following concerns:


  • Skin that is difficult to manage due to constant dryness
  • Rough and dry skin texture
  • Loss of glow and vitality from the skin
  • Skin health weakened by harmful environment and pollution
  • Dull, lackluster skin
  • Pile-up of dead skin
  • Non-resilient skin that becomes stressed easily

Types of Therapies

While research continues, injectable or intravenous regenerative procedures utilizing exosomes include treatments for hair loss, vaginal rejuvenation for menopausal women, joint therapy, erectile dysfunction, and, yes, even facials. Exosomes stimulate hair growth in sleeping follicles, improve vaginal lubrication and elasticity, reduce painful joint inflammation, and increase blood flow to improve menโ€™s sexual health.

Now, imagine utilizing your bodyโ€™s own exosomes topically. Essentially, youโ€™d bypass the lengthy internal process and go straight to seeing visible results. Dr. Tess explained that โ€œThere are different topicals now that are trying to mimic [the regenerative effects] that can be done in the clinic.โ€ They utilize an individualโ€™s โ€œown growth factors and regenerative stem cells to take the skin to a younger state.โ€

Studies show that topical applications donโ€™t significantly penetrate the skin because the skinโ€™s defensive layer is doing its job by preventing potentially damaging elements from getting in. But when combined with an in-office micro-needling procedure or other microchannel-inducing elements, such as marine sponge Haliclona sp. spicules (SHSs), exosomes penetrate the stratum corneum and aid in tissue repair and regeneration.

Other applications for exosomes are still in the works, so be on the lookout for potential breakthroughs in the future.