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We will use laser to treat your inner skinโ€™s fundamental problems

Pimple treatment

Treatment of traces

Reduction of pores

Improvement of blood vessel disorders

Isolaz2 effectively treats pimples and scars left from pimples on the skin by using laser.

Isolaz 2?

Isolaz 2 is different from pre-existing laser treatments in that it pulls up skin by using air pressure such that green lights effective for treatment effectively penetrate into target points. Therefore, treatment is highly effective and use of relatively low energy accordingly reduces the damage of surrounding tissues.
Also, traces from pimples can be treated.

  • PLACE: Treatment tips are located around the diseased part and air pressure creates vacuum.
  • ACTIVE: Negative pressure in the vacuum pulls up the skin close to the treatment target point.
  • DELIEVER: Light energy scans the part and treats the target point.

We recommend this therapy to these people:

  • People who are troubled with pimples, sebum, and blackhead
  • People who are concerned about red scars from their pimples
  • People who are concerned about their purulent
  • People who are concerned about their small or adult version of pimples

What are the characteristics of Isolaz2?

  • It is a laser treatment that is used in various types of pimple treatments.
  • A unique method that uses air pressure minimizes the stimulus exerted on the skin.
  • It is a laser approved by FDA in the United States.
  • It doesnโ€™t make daily life difficult after treatment.
  • Stimulus is so small that putting on makeups is available right after the treatment.