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Human Growth Factor

We will fill the incubate fibroblast obtained from babies’ skin tissue

Skin whitening

Skin lifting Wrinkle improvement

Moisturizing Effect

Pore improvement

Atopic improvement

The procedure uses O Media (FDA-approved Human Growth Factor), a product identical to the ‘Baby Face Injection’ which was a hot topic on the TV show, ‘Lee Seung-yeon and 100 Women

What is Baby Face Injection?

‘Baby Face Injection’ is a procedure that involves Human Growth Factor.
The skin ages as a result of reduction of this Human Growth Factor.
Our procedure utilizes cutting-edge technology to inject Human Growth Factor along with its rejuvenating properties into the skin to prevent aging of the skin that occurs after the age of 20, and thus restoring your youth.

We recommend the procedure to those who:

  • Seek a baby-like brilliant skin tone
  • Are concerned about the lack of skin elasticity
  • Wish to improve the folds and creases resulting from dry skin
    wish to contract their skin pores
  • Are struggling with acne
  • Have scars resulting from acne
  • Have freckles or other pigmentation issues of the skin
  • Suffer from atopic dermatitis or sensitive skin and wish a/healthier and stronger skin

Before & After After
Things to remember after the procedure:

  • There may be mild redness and swelling on the day of the injection.
  • Take necessary caution to avoid saunas, swimming, or any other stimulation of the skin near the site of injection for 3-4 days after the procedure as they may result in infections.
  • Do not drink or smoke for a week following the procedure.
  • In some cases, there may be a bruising or exfoliation near the nose. However, these conditions will improve within days.