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Pore Tightening / Laser Toning / Pigmentation / Elasticity

Genesys Laser Clinic upgrades your skin into a healthy and clean one with the luxury of IPL, BBL from Sciton company.

Improvement of blemish


Skin regeneration

Fast recovery

What is BBL?

BBL is a functionally upgraded version of IPL, which is known as a useful treatment to help removal of pigments. BBL regenerates your skin as an overall healthy and clean one by effectively treating pigments deeply rooted inside the dermis that is hard to penetrate with pre-existing IPL and recovering the elasticity of the skin.

BBL treatment procedure

  • ย Cleansing: Makeup is completely removed prior to treatment and the whole face is wiped off with cleanser to remove wastes inside the skin.
  • ย IPL (Sciton BBL) treatment: Treatment is performed by adjusting energy depending on the skin type measured by an expert.
  • ย Skin soothing / Wrapping up: Soothing pack is put on the face to regenerate and soothe the skin after treatment, Moisturizing cream and sunblock are put on as a finish.

Effects and Side effects

Since less scab is formed after treatment compared to Q-switch laser, a pigment laser, one could put on makeup or wash face on the day of treatment.

  • This treatment is often used in conjunction with blood vessel laser due to its effects in treating blood vessel disorders.
  • It makes the skin more elastic and shining by enhancing collagen regeneration in the dermis.
  • It is effective for not only pigmented moles but also hair removal

What measures need to be taken after treatment?

  • One should prevent oneself from excessive sunburns before treatment.
  • After treatment, parts of skin could be reddish and swelling.
  • Even when there are scabs after the treatment, one should be careful not to scrub them off and use sunblock.

What is laser toning?

Laser toning is an upgraded version of ND-Yag laser in Q-switched format with higher laser output.
It minimizes the damage in skin tissue by shortening the time during which skin is exposed to laser but at the same time provides enough energy for pore treatments and lifting effects by destroying melanin deep in dermis without scars and stimulate fibroblasts that form collagen.


Effects and side effects of laser toning

  • It finely degrades dermal pigments, induces collagen regeneration, and restores the dermis by repeating ND-Yag laser with a wavelength of 1064nm and Q-switched format several times.
  • It improves overall status of the skin by minimizing thermal damage, reducing side effects such as rapid appearance of freckles, and inducing dermal regeneration.
  • There is a reduced risk for pain, bleeding, scabs, and infection.
  • It improves small wrinkles and skin textures as well as freckles and pigmentation.

Cautions after treatment

  • It is recommended to use sunblock continuously.
  • It is recommended to eat vegetables and fruits abundant in vitamin C.
  • It is recommended to use whitening products or whitening masks from 1 week after treatment.
  • Pigments can be temporarily darker depending on the status of the skin, but they will eventually improve upon repeated treatments.