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Hydration, skin regeneration, anti-aging, non-surgical/painless, improved elasticity, whitening




Non-surgical Painless

Improved elasticity

What is Mesostar?

Mesostar uses electricity and makes invisible micro-holes with a special ceramic-made mesogun, which can penetrate molecules by more than 500 times and stimulate the collagen formation for enhanced elasticity. It also helps regeneration after hyper-thermal lifting laser treatments (Fraxel, Thermage or Scarlet S), growth factor for freckle, pimple and scar, and EFK. This will take synergic benefits to a higher level.

We recommend this treatment to these people:

  • For urgent needs of regeneration and post-treatment care after various skin treatments such as hyperthermal care or laser and lifting for skin regeneration.
  • For restoration of laser-damaged skin
  • Troubled by thin, sensitive and dry skin
  • For skin tone improvement from pigment disease
  • Troubled by rough skin texture, goose bump, stretch mark and pimple
  • Red or darkened face due to flushing and enlarged capillaries

Post-Mesostar Skin Change

  • Fast acting and unmatched efficacy with post-treatment care for skin laser or lifting
  • Increase of hydrated layer and remarkable reduction of dry skin
  • Restoration of damaged skin caused by UV, smoking and other environmental factors
  • Improvement of skin troubled by pimple, atopy and sensitive skin

How does the treatment proceed?

High-voltage pulse electric field is applied to skin and makes division hollows into dead skin cells. This will facilitate the transfer of molecules by the product.

Questions & Answers

Is the treatment painful?

It does not bring any pain. This regeneration treatment applies various ample such as serum, essence and hydration cream.

How long does the treatment take?

It takes approximately two hours for deep cleansing, Mesostar and finishing gold mask.

Does the treatment require a separate post-care?

It requires no special care and additional hydration mask and home care will be of great help. Shower, exercise and make-up are allowed after the treatment.