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BINARY PREMIUM – Lifting effectAnti-aging treatmentBody shape, cellulite management, muscle toningSkin recovery for burns, stretch marks, and scarsKeloid reductionPost-surgery management, pain reliefMuscle pain, inflammation management

BI-TEC system for body recovery, advanced cosmetic and postoperative care.


Binary Premium is an innovative technology model for advanced cosmetic and postoperative care. From general weight loss treatment that many people are concerned with, tissue treatment, regeneration, muscle toning, body sculpting, and improving quality of life, we provide effective facial and body treatments. It has a revitalizing effect on microcirculation activation, general metabolism and tissues.

BINARY METHOD. BI-TEC system for the recovery of body lesions, advanced aesthetic and after surgery treatments.

It is the most advanced technique to shape the body, and improvements can be made without the need for further surgery to address the aesthetic needs of the body. It is a safe, painless and non-invasive treatment based on the use of low frequencies, it increases the internal temperature of the skin tissue in a controlled way and acts deeply on the dermal layer to activate the production of collagen and elastin. As a result, it reduces accumulated fat breakdown and cellulite, promotes blood microcirculation, and reduces edema. It also restores tissue damaged by surgery, heals wounds and relaxes muscles.

Dermal recovery after burn – 4 sessions


Soft cellulite. Firming and Slimming – 10 sessions

Soft cellulite. Firming and Slimming - 10 sessions After

Dermal recovery of stretch marks – 10 sessions

Soft cellulite. Firming and Slimming - 10 sessions After

It is recommended for

  • Those who are worried about smile lines, deep wrinkles, double chin, sagging face, eyes and fat
  • It provides quick skin recovery for burns, stretch marks, and scars.
  • Provide post-surgery and scar management for those who are worried about the surgical scar.
  • Excellent for concentrated cellulite, inflammation removal and body shape management.
  • Those who need skin elasticity and muscle and abdomen toning
  • Those who want special treatment for recovery from skin injury

Frequently asked questions about BINARY PREMIUM

You can feel the effect only once, but you need to take it for about 3 to 5 times or more to feel the clear effect on the healing of surgical scars, lifting, and eye bags (eyes and fat).

You can return to your daily life immediately after the procedure.