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Intradermal Injection

We will fill the hyaluronic acid directly into your skin, instead of taking as a pill or applying on your skin

Skin elasticity

Solution to wrinkles


30min treatment

Rapid recovery

What is Derma Shine?

Derma Shine is an anti-aging program that helps with maintenance of clear, elastic, and transparent skin by injecting hyaluronic acid into dermal layer of the skin with multi syringe that uses negative pressure. Injection of hyaluronic acid maintains the skin to be moisture and more elastic and makes the skin tone brighter.

Advantages of Derma Shine

  • Patients have less burden because it is a non-invasive method
  • Use of multi needle shortens the duration of treatment (10 minutes for the whole face)
  • Reduced pain at the time of treatment, enables return to daily life right after treatment
  • Injects chemical into a certain layer of skin – lifting that uses negative pressure
  • Almost no loss of chemical due to accurate injection
  • Excellent effects for wrinkle improvement, whitening, and enhancement of elasticity

Derma Shine treatment procedure

  • Cleansing: Makeups are completely removed prior to treatment and the whole face is wiped off with cleanser to remove wastes inside the skin.
  • Application of anesthetizing cream: anesthetizing cream is applied prior to treatment to reduce pricking feeling that the patient could have during the course of treatment.
  • Derma Shine Treatment: Depth and amount of penetration are adjusted for treatment depending on the skin type of patient measured by an expert.
  • Skin soothing and wrap-up: Cryocell is used after treatment to regenerate and soothe the skin. Wrap-up is done by applying serum based on stem cell, moisturizing cream, and sunblock.

What measures need to be taken after treatment?

  • Red spots(~1%), swelling, or bruises can partially appear on the treated part but they usually disappear within 1 to 2 days.
  • Please contact the hospital if these symptoms continue for more than 3 days.
  • Don’t receive any other treatments on the day of this treatment and please consult with a doctor in charge if you are going through different types of treatments.
  • Please wash your face lightly in the evening of the day of treatment.
  • Please avoid activities that generate heat such as sauna or exercises for a while (3-5 days depending on age). Especially if you have immune disorders (such as diabetes), please avoid these activities for about one week.
  • You can put on makeup after treatment, but please put on light makeup and you can put on your usual makeup from 3 days after treatment.
  • Please suspend smoking or drinking temporarily because these can bring about bad outcomes (for 3 weeks).
  • Please touch dry after taking a shower or washing face.

Questions & Answers

How many times should I receive Derma Shine treatments and what are the effects?

Period of treatment is usually in the interval of 2-3 months depending on the status of the skin and effects can be higher than manual treatments because the right amount of hyaluronic acid is injected into an accurate depth. You could see excellent effects in facial wrinkles, neck wrinkles, hand wrinkles, sagging breasts, whitening, moisturizing, and elasticity, etc.

Are their pains at the time of Derma Shine treatment?

It brings you tolerable amount of pain because it uses a very fine 31G Multi Needle. Also, the treatment is safe because vacuum equipment enable the treatment not to go beyond certain depth.

Could I put on makeup or wash my face after Derma Shine treatment?

You can wash your face later in the afternoon if you receive your treatment in the morning. If you receive your treatment in the evening, it is better to wash your face the next morning. You can put on your makeup from the next day after treatment but please be as light as possible. From 3 days after treatment, you can put on your makeup as usual.