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Body Slimmer / Cavitation + High Frequency + Suction

Take care of your whole body obesity, stretch marks and wrinkles


High frequency heat


30 min. procedure

4 Max Body Slimmer

Since, in the portion with cellulite, blood circulation is not smooth and fat cells are crumpled, it is not easy to lose weight only with dieting and exercise. Meso Meso Therapy is the procedure of causing lipolysis by accelerating smooth blood circulation with small amount of medication on the firmly crumpled cellulite portion. As a method of intradermal injection or injecting right below skin, it causes nearly no pain since it uses a lot smaller and thinner needle. Generally, 3~4 medicines are injected simultaneously, and the selection and dosage of medicines depend on the sex, the age, the degree of fat deposit, and hormone condition (menopause, birth control pills, and others), treatment area (abdomen, thigh).

Treatment after procedure

  • Avoid the exposure to excessive sunshine.
  • Light shower is allowed from the next day, but sauna, bath, and swimming are allowed only in two days.
  • Tight cloth may disturb the action of medicine.
  • Please avoid ion therapy or electric treatment for 3-7days.

What is High Frequency care?

  • It is also called heat therapy or deep skin heat therapy.
  • High Frequency care is the apparatus generating heat inside of human body and curing.
  • It is effective for skin elasticity and body line management since it transmits high frequency heat deeply to inner skin and stimulates collagen layer.

It is recommended for these people:

  • The person with drooped eyelids
  • The person whose face looks flat and without volume
  • The person with wrinkles above chin
  • The person with wrinkles on mouse corners
  • And the person with overall drooped face

High frequency skin management

  • Wrinkle and rejuvenation: It loosens face muscles, help to circulation, lifts up drooped cheek by stimulating collagen layer of inner skin layer.
  • Freckle, Lightening: It supplies Oxygen, eliminate waste matter, decomposes melanin pigment and inhibit its release.
  • Acne: It is effective in removal of dead skin cell and skin rejuvenation by controlling sebum secretion.

High Frequency Obesity Management

  • Back: muscle relaxation and stress alleviation
  • Chest: It gives elasticity and lifting effect to chest.
  • Abdomen: It makes diuretic effect actively and decomposes visceral fat.
  • Lower body: It relaxes articular ligaments. It eliminates waste matter and decomposes cellulite.
  • Scalp: It prevents hair loss and stimulates production of hair.